Purchasing for PV installation companies

Procurement processes are integrated into project planning.

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Expedite the solar procurement journey

Manual purchasing processes in PV installation companies may seem simple at first, but the more complex projects become, the more they slow down your operations, delivery to your customers, and ultimately your cash flow. 

PowerOn's purchasing management module provides a complete solution for organizing purchasing processes, including supplier management, supplier invoices, inventory updates, quality checks and warehouse processes.

Purchasing management with PowerOn introduces stable and smooth operations into your project execution, which includes purchase quotes, purchase orders, document transactions, material management, returns and all related company purchasing operations.

Price requests

Purchase requests to suppliers

Create and send quote requests to each of your suppliers.
Evaluate the cost and profitability of the projects.

Supplier communication

Personalize communication with your suppliers for each purchase request.

Purchase requests by email

Send requests by email directly from PowerOn™ with just a few clicks.

Multi-item orders

Send RfQs for multiple products at the same time.

Product variants

Bestellen Sie Produktvarianten (z.B. Größen, Farben) mit Hilfe von schnellen und komfortablen Softwarefunktionen.


Orders Management

Monitoring of inquiries and orders

Keep track of the status of your quotes and orders, the scope of orders, and the expected delivery date. 

Manage incoming products

Keep track of your inventory and determine the quantity and location for each batch of items you receive.

Automate ordering processes

Set up procurement rules to automatically order the items you need based on inventory levels, minimum quantities per site or per supplier, order volume, or other system parameters.

Incoming invoices

Import PDF invoices

PDF invoices from suppliers can be imported into PowerOn™ to facilitate operational accounting.

Control pending orders

Track upcoming purchase orders and update them according to the project's anticipated material requirements.

Product Management

Create products

Define selling price, type, barcode and reference to easily distinguish similar products.

Add supplier reference

Add the reference each supplier uses for the item to make it easier for both them and you to find.

Add product variants

Add variants such as color, storage capacity, etc. to the product for a clearer product list.

Define sourcing rules

Reference all suppliers who distribute the item, prioritize them, and record their delivery times and minimum quantities to save time on new orders.

Search filter

Search for products with the supplier reference in the purchase order.

Units of measure conversion

Purchase in different units of measure and let the PowerOn software do the conversion to smaller units.

Cost centers

Define your cost centers per project.

Set vendor accounts and purchase related taxes.

Purchasing conditions

Set the duration of the warranty and specify delivery times per supplier.

Check stock availability

Keep track of inventory, incoming orders and product availability.

Specify storage locations

Define the exact location of the product in your warehouse.

Analysis and forecasting


Use predefined dashboards or create your own with the advanced reporting engine.

Share report filters with your team.

Inventory forecasting

Get product availability forecasts based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or production orders, and internal moves.

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