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Why OdooHire?

We know the difficulties of finding good Odoo developers, so we have decided to create a service that would make this search easier. OdooHire is a service created to help Odoo Partners in their search for talented Odoo programmers.

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OdooHire Developers

Hiring Odoo developers from Odoo partners allows you to use the resource for any Odoo-related services. Odoo Apps Development, Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Training, Odoo Migration, and Odoo Integration.

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OdooHire TEAMS

With OdooHire TEAMS, you can easily find and hire complete teams of Odoo developers for your next project. We are proud to offer teams of Odoo developers from Macedonia. Whether you need a team of experts to help you implement Odoo for the first time, or you need additional support for an existing Odoo installation, OdooHire can help.

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OdooHire Business Analysts

One of the most important roles in an Odoo project is the business analyst. Our Business Analysts is responsible understanding the current state of the business, the desired state of the business, and the gaps that need to be filled in order to get from the current state to the desired state.


OdooHire Developer Training

We offer pre-trained experienced senior and junior Odoo developers from our development center in Skopje, Macedonia. Our Odoo developers have years of experience in the field, and their proven domain knowledge helps them to showcase the best service in Odoo.

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OdooHire Single Point of Contact (SPoC)

Our company has a single point of contact that handles all requests and enquiries. They will assemble all the inputs and manage them in a cohesive manner, providing you with single or multiple outputs while making sure that your demands are being properly managed and aligned.

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OdooHire Developer Profiles

Find the perfect match from our network of talented and experienced developers.


Article: Onboarding OdooHire Developers

It’s really important, that at the beginning of the collaboration, the programmers are briefed about your coding procedures, and standard-practices.

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