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A Merchant Operating System, pre-destined for Headless Commerce.

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Times of clunky e-commerce integrations with old school ERP-systems, fragmented shop-systems and marketplaces,
are the thing of a past.

CommerceCore™ delivers an out-of-the-box multichannel online-sales solution for B2C and B2B merchants, based on the Odoo business application framework. It is pre-connected to multiple shop-systems and online-marketplaces.

It is pre-destined for headless e-commerce.

Developer Documentation

Power to the Programmer
In addition to Odoo’s base API and modules documentation, we provide documentation for programmers implementing e-commerce projects using CommerceCore™.



Support &  Customisations
CommerceCore™ product development team provides direct support to Odoo programmers. We standby for customisations and enhancements.

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Shopware 6  

Are you running a Shopware webshop and considering running an Odoo ERP? Or are you running multiple shops and wish to connect it to a single Odoo backend? We provide an integrated solution for order-processing, product management, stock synchronisation, customer support, vendor management and much more.

Read the User Documentation to gain an overview of your daily workflows with CommerceCore™.

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Are you in need of only an Odoo-Shopware6 Connector? You will find the documentation here. →


If your online-shop has gained traction and has grown into a sustainable business, smooth and frictionless back-office processes are the key to scaling into a larger customer base, newer markets and an expanded product portfolio.

Our Odoo based CommerceCore™ solution provides complete digital workflows for inventory/warehouse management, vendor relations, customer service, order fulfilment, invoicing and much more.

Read the User Documentation to gain an overview of your daily workflows with CommerceCore™.

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Are you in need of only an Odoo-Shopify Connector? You will find the documentation here. →


As a dropshipping e-commerce business, you have set yourselves up with an extremely efficient business model. CommerceCore™ complements your business model with an integrated, all inclusive software platform for the running smooth operational processes.

From shipment-notifications to customers, to daily orders to vendors and tracking inventory, CommerceCore™ provides you a single unified software system where all your back office processes are integrated. 

Stay on top of your business, save valuable time and provide excellent customer service.

Read the User Documentation to gain an overview of your daily workflows with CommerceCore™.

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CommerceCore™ pre-integrates with Shopify and Shopware. Are you using a different shop-system? Please contact us and we can integrate it on-demand.

Partners wanted!

Would you like to finish your e-commerce projects faster, maintain high project-margins and keep implementation costs lower for your customers? Sign up as a partner and start benefitting the out-of-the-box Odoo-based multichannel e-commerce solution immediately.

   Out-of-the-box omnichannel e-commerce solution.

   Customisation support by the original CommerceCore™ developers.

   Great documentation.

   Revenue share.

   Potential leads from your region.

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