ERP for E-Commerce Merchants

CommerceCore™ is an integrated ERP solution for online sellers encompassing Product Management, Inventory, Vendor Management, Customer Support and more.

A global network of implementation partners provides our customers local support and services.

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Master the complexity of customer challenges, expand your value proposition and maximise your long-term value to them.


Growing online merchants need process maturity. As an implementation partner you get to advise shop owners on process efficiency and the software tooling needed for the same, with a vision for their future needs.

The Commerce Partner Network provides you the necessary education, tools, and technical support for building a sustainable consulting practice. 

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Online merchants need local support in building their systems. Implement CommerceCore™ as a customisable, integrated opensource software

The standard software is implemented for new customers at a click of a button. Customisations are possible over and beyond the basic needs of merchant.


One of the greatest benefits of using CommerceCore™ for customers is its open source license.

Customers have no vendor lock-in, and they have full control of their feature evolution (over and beyond the official product roadmap of CommerceCore™).

As an implementation partner, you implement new features for customers. Many features are possible to be implemented without programming, as CommerceCore™ is a low-code platform. If a solution needs coding, Python and Odoo programmers can help, or just book customisation services from us.

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We aim to help our partners expand their business significantly.

As a CommerceCore™ implementation partner, you regularly receive regional leads of potential online merchants that could utilise your e-commerce expertise.

Leads are added to your Partner Dashboard and notified by email.


CommerceCore™ is software as a services (SaaS). Being part of the Commerce Partner Network ensures guaranteed recurring commissions on a monthly basis.

Talk to your partner advisor and have them provide you a projection of your potential commissions.

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We support our partners with white-labeled presentations and ROI templates to communicate with your customers. 

Are you entering an important pitch to a customer and would like to take CommerceCore™'s experienced consultants as bystanders? We are happy to support you. Just call, or message us through your Partner Dashboard.

In addition, this website provides our partners as well as end customers with valuable resources, documentation and use-cases.

Become a Partner

ERP for online merchants.

As a successful growing online agency, a partnership with CommerceCore™ enables an expansion of your business and revenue scope. From serving customers with frontend technology and marketing expertise, you expand into backend processes and process consulting.

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CommerceCore™  Functionalities in Overview

Unified Order processing (UOP)

  • Automatic import of Shopify orders (time-controlled).

  • Assignment of tax rates between Shopify and Odoo.


  • Automatic routing of orders to Vendors using an official Purchase Order.

  • Tracking numbers for Dropshipping orders are stored on the SaleOrder.

  • Email tracking numbers to customers via email template.


  • Automatic generation of Delivery Orders

  • Flexible delivery rules, based on shipping strategy from own warehouse, fulfillment centers, and dropshipping partners.

Warehouse and Merchandise Management

  • Automatic creation of delivery notes

  • Dispatch from own warehouse or from an external warehouse (fulfilment, Dropshipping partners)

  • Support for multiple warehouse locations

Customer Care & CRM

  • Overview of all customers who have purchased a specific product

  • Customer master data maintenance and export to Shopify at the push of a button.

B2B Sales

  • Opportunity pipeline tracking at multiple sales stages, ex. New Opportunity, Qualified, Quotation, Won, Lost.

  • Template driven Quotation process.

  • Template driven Order Confirmation process.

  • Generate sales inquiries online on the website, and follow up on the phone/email personally with potential customer ("Hybrid sales", with online + offline processes). Available only with the Odoo E-Commerce module activated.

Product Management

Master Product Data

  • Master product data in Odoo, as the leading system for global multichannel e-commerce.

  • Creation and management of master products.

Product Management in Channels

  • Product "clones" per Channel, such that channel specific definition can be stored

  • Catalog management per channel.


  • Variants definition, including separate pricing for variants.

  • Media management per variant.


  • Invoicing

  • Payment Reminders

  • Communication log on every single customer invoice

  • (Optional) automatic creation of an invoice when importing a Shopify order

Coming soon..

The following features are under development and will be available soon

  •, for a Dutch e-commerce merchants

  • SendCloud, for shipping within German shippers

  • ZenDesk Integration

  • Deepl Translations for multilingual sales.

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