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Simplify-ERP® enables the digital transformation of enterprise processes. We empower enterprises in the development of their holistic digitization strategy and the implementation of digital processes with solutions specific to their business needs and goals.

We are at your side right from the pre-project phase, implement the project in your company with our programmers and advise you on your operating processes.


You position your assortment across several brand shops, sub-shops or shop brands. Our Odoo multichannel e-commerce solution – CommerceCore® enables other online shops to be easily activated with little effort.

Marketplace integration is the essential component of your e-commerce expansion strategy. The components are easy to install and put into operation.


CommerceCore® Lite

Commercecore® Lite is a digital transformation platform, based on the OpenSource Odoo core.

It extends Odoo’s integrated features with all necessary customizations for out-of-the-box German localization.



As a cycling professional you can now really get into online business.
You can offer separate shops for specific target groups or product groups, and serve business customers with their own shop.

Of course, you can handle your daily business with the most modern software of the bicycle industry – Velo.Core™ – customer invoices, repairs, shopping, and much more.



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Our goal is to equip your company with the right software tools for cost-efficient and profitable operation.

 Flexibility, security and profitability are our top priorities.


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