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The WooCommerce interface for Odoo is part of the multichannel e-commerce solution for online shop operators.
Today it is particularly important for online retailers to be represented with their products in as many sales channels as possible. To do this, you need efficient tools that minimize manual processing for you and your employees. We provide a bidirectional interface for the transfer of product, customer, and order data for WooCommerce shop operators.
You can find more details on our WooCommerce interface for Odoo on this website.

  What does the Odoo-WooCommerce interface do?

Product management and category management 

With the Odoo-WooCommerce interface, you as a shop operator can do all product management tasks, such as B. price adjustments, variant maintenance, image management, and much more centrally done in Odoo.

Customer management

Customer master data can also be managed in Odoo. The interface groups customer data according to the sales channel. All orders as well as all communication about individual orders can be found under the customer files.

Order processing

WooCommerce orders can be processed centrally in Odoo. Invoice and shipping documents can then be created uniformly in Odoo. Tax amounts are also separated from the gross order amount and stored in dedicated accounting accounts.

Woo offers a simple database structure and a variety of community plugins.
Simplify-ERP®, as an Odoo specialist, enables online retailers with WooCommerce in use with multichannel e-commerce options. Our Odoo-WooCommerce interface enables the automated and manual exchange of shop data in the ERP for further processing.

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Module features

  • Multiple instances of WooCommerce shops supported

  • Import categories from WooCommerce

  • Auto Stock / Orders / Shipping status to WooCommerce

  • Dashboard to manage all operations of WooCommerce from one place

Products and categories 

  • Prices, article descriptions, and stocks are bidirectionally downloadable from WooCommerce to the Odoo and vice versa

  • Prices and inventory data from Odoo to WooCommerce are synchronized in real-time

  • Product prices are manageable in Odoo

  • Export Products to WooCommerce
  • Export product images to WooCommerce

Customer data (CRM)

  • Automatic Customer data is downloaded periodically and automatically to Odoo from the WooCommerce store

  • Search, filter, and group customer data by multiple criteria

  • Existing customer data can be used for recurring orders

  • Overview of orders and cumulative sales to individual customers

Order data

  • Central processing of WooCommerce orders in Odoo

  • Send shipping/tracking number by email to the customer using ready templates, centrally from Odoo

  • Single-click feature to generate an invoice

  • Invoice by email with a PDF attachment

  • Search, filter, and group orders by various criteria

  • Grouping of orders by customers (eg. as B2B key accounts) and other related criteria

  • Import Sale Order

Tax Handling

  • Tax Handling and tax rates used in the WooCommerce shop are imported in Odoo

  • SA mapping function allows the assignment of the WooCommerce tax rates Odoo
    (Standard German accounting, SKR04, SKR03)

Fixed price offer

In order to keep the commissioning of our WooCommerce connector for Odoo as uncomplicated as possible for our customers, we deliver the solution as an all-round carefree package, as a fixed price offer

Standard functionality

  • Basic installation of the odoo core system

  • Bi-directional WooCommerce connector

  • German Country Pack

  • Odoo Omnichannel Catalog Manager (OKM)

  • Commissioning with data and process tests

  • 4 hours of user training 

  • User setup


  • Enterprise hosting with high availability including a security package

  • SSL encryption of business data

  • Process automation according to operational needs

  • Any functionality extensions and individual adjustments