OdooHire TEAMS

Beyond dedicated developers, think TEAMS to grow your Odoo practice!

    Why TEAMS?  

    Our mission is to support the growth of Odoo Partners. For several years we have delivered on this promise by providing pre-trained experienced senior and junior Odoo developers from our development center in Skopje, Macedonia.

    Now we are proud and excited to extend this offer to TEAMS of Odoo developers from Macedonia.

    Backed by our experienced developers, you now have even more long-term security of building a solid Odoo ERP implementation practice, by hiring complete TEAMS for your projects.

    In what sizes are OdooHire TEAMS available?

    OdooHire TEAMS are available in 2 sizes – Start and Full. The composition of the teams is as follows.

    OdooHire TEAMS Start (n + 1, n = 2)

    • 1 single-point-of-contact, and

    • 2 Odoo developers

    OdooHire TEAMS Full (n + 1, n = 4)

    • 1 single-point-of-contact, and

    • 4 Odoo developers

    What is the role of a SPoC?

    Responsible for day-to-day communication, management, and the prompt settlement of service requests and claims. A video conference, a phone call or text message, or perhaps an email can all be used to reach them.

    How are OdooHire developers qualified?

    OdooHire developers follow a rigorous regime of onboarding, before actually handling real customer projects. The training period for our programmers lasts at least 3 months, including following phases.

    • Study of Odoo Cookbooks, including practical experience of examples.

    • Training project to build a fully functional application, encompassing module-building, view-programming, OWL usage, partner-portal, reports output, process-automation and other core Odoo functions.

    • Training on using Odoo Docker, operating Linux system, PostgreSQL, Python sub-system, NGINX configurations and systems troubleshooting.

    • Features and bugfixes on Simplify's own open-source projects.

    • Assisting experienced Odoo developers in customer projects.

    What is the cost of OdooHire TEAMS?

    Please discuss your requirement with one of our Customer Success Managers, who will immediately be able to share our standard prices with you.

    Regular vs. Senior Odoo Developers

    Following qualities differentiate a senior developer from a regular Odoo developer in Simplify's Odoo TEAMS.

    Senior developer

    • Minimum of 2 years Odoo experience and/or 45000 lines of Odoo code and/or minimum of 18 Odoo projects.

    • Solution Design experience

    • Team management experience

    • Communication skills to function as a Single Point of Contact (SPoC)

    Regular developer

    • Minimum of 9 months Odoo experience and/or 10000 lines of Odoo code and/or minimum of 6 Odoo projects.

    OdooHire START Team

    OdooHire FULL Team