Software for PV Installation Companies

Integrated modular software solution that meets all your business needs. Designed to grow with the size and needs of your business.

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Increase efficiency, drive growth.

Empower your workforce with a powerful, scalable, and fully integrated digital platform. You own all your data!

Sales processes

Implement an efficient workflow and streamline sales activities from initial contact to final customer approval.

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Project management

Distribute your tasks among employees, support them with checklists for thorough completion of installation projects, and communicate with customers on time at every step of the installation process.

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Automate your procurement processes and make smart decisions with advanced supplier data and comprehensive price lists.

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Organize your warehouse with stock movements within the same or multiple locations. Automate inventory replenishment, improve traceability and create up-to-date inventory reports.

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From single payments to processing multiple invoices to paying advances, choose the payment flows that fit your business needs.

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Transfer your inbound and outbound receipts to the Steuerberatungsbüro using DATEV Firmenonline.

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A central data collector for all your project data

Collect and store data on your projects, locations, project companies, components, spare parts and contracts in a central database.


Streamline your routine tasks with automation 

Automatically create invoices from sales orders, track payments, and create project plans automatically. Reduce the risk of human error with controlled workflows.


Efficient communication between team members and customers.

Manage your projects throughout their lifecycle with collaborative project planning, events, and tasks. Our multilingual platform provides alerts and notifications so your team can collaborate across different locations.

Efficient business processes through a uniform process platform

PowerOn is a modular software solution optimized for the specific needs of PV installation companies. Our software is modular and can be adapted to meet your changing business needs over the years.

The PowerOn software solution integrates all your business data into a single database - a "single point of truth". A single data source for the entire business gives you real-time insights into key performance indicators (KPIs), including project profitability, project status, reports and sales pipeline.

Benefit from completely integrated business processes.

PowerOn™ Software

More than 50,000 companies use our software platform to modernise their business processes.

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Implementation Roadmap

Our goal is to have our software fully deployed to end-users within 60 days. We followed a tried and tested deployment roadmap to ensure an early ROI for your investment, combined with staff level productivity gains.


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