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As a growing installation company, you have a number of different activities to manage on a daily basis. While you primarily take care of existing customers, you also want to ensure that a constant number of sales inquiries are handled so that customers receive timely quotes and accurate advice from you as an expert.

PowerOn™ software makes it easy for you and your team to respond to customer requests quickly and easily. The solution offers quote templates, standard and flexible product pricing, combination kits and much more.

To ensure an efficient pre-sales process, PowerOn™ provides customer questionnaires and interview templates that allow you to fully capture the customer's specific requirements.

On this page we explain the main sales features of the PowerOn™ software. You are welcome to try the software for free, and as always, we are available for a free 60-minute consultation.

With PowerOn™, you can automate all sales tasks in the pipeline and organize your leads throughout the sales process without wasting time and resources on manual entry. 

Send polished quotes and get your customers to sign them.

  • Create a new template - Design and reuse custom quote templates in just a few clicks to save time. 

  • Use predefined products, price lists, and templates to help your sales reps work more efficiently.

Product management

  • Present your products and services in a professional way

  • Add product variants to your sales orders with a grid or matrix that shows all possible combinations of a product's attributes (e.g. sizes, colors).

  • Sell faster with electronic signatures - Validate orders and enable customers to review and sign your online quotes from anywhere.

Contracts and order management

Manage invoices from purchase orders - Issue invoices for ordered or delivered quantities, based on time and material. Manage payment terms per customer or per invoice. Easily track invoice due dates.

Track every stage of a contract execution, such as billing, renewal, and upselling.

Purchase Orders - Apply special routes from the purchase order lines: Dropshipping, replenish to order, etc.

Upselling und Cross-Selling

Offers are optimized to help your business sell more by suggesting additional options, additional products, close triggers, discounts, etc.

Customer portals

Provide your customers with access to an online portal where they can view their quotes and orders and track the status of their delivery orders in real time.

        Fast and effective communication

        Create email templates for specific products to instantly deliver relevant information to buyers, such as how-to guides, service reminders, etc.

        Schedule Receive custom notifications for relevant activities, communicate directly from quotes via email, automatically keep a complete record of your communications with your customers, or prospects.

        Maintain products and prices

        Product variants - Create and configure products with multiple attributes or variants such as size, color, finish, etc.

        Calculate shipping costs based on multiple variables (weight, volume, quantity, margin, shipping address, etc.)

        Price lists

        Calculate the correct price based on customer terms. Add price lists for individual products based on customer segment. Automatically use the applicable price list based on order conditions such as quantity and/or time.


        Apply discounts to each quote item and choose whether the discount should be visible or hidden.


        Create a custom coupon code for a price list and allow your customers to activate the discount at checkout.

        Third-Party Shipper

        Automatically calculate shipping costs, print shipping labels and track your shipment.

        PowerOn™ can be connected to UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, B-Post, EasyPost and other shipping companies.

        Intuitive reporting 

        No more waiting for your monthly reports to make data-driven decisions. Get a complete overview of all your sales activities, next actions and performance data.

        Easily track key KPIs - Monitor a KPI dashboard for key information such as total billings, revenue per country/sales rep/sales team, churn, MRR, lifetime value, CAC ratio, upgrades/downgrades, etc.

        Analyze orders and invoices - Choose whether your statistics are based on orders, invoices, or both. Group sales by any category, such as product type, seller, or country.

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