System-driven project management

Distribute tasks to staff, support them with checklists for thorough completion of installation projects, and communicate on time with customers at every step of the installation process.


Solar Project Management Challenges

When PV installation companies try to use CRMs or office-based When PV installation companies try to use CRMs or Microsoft Office tools, they encounter serious challenges that prevent them from delivering projects profitably.

Sometimes project profitability is compromised due to suboptimal software tool support. When PV installation companies attempt to use CRMs or Microsoft Office tools, they encounter serious challenges that prevent them from developing projects profitably.

Do you know these challenges when managing installation projects?

  • Too much data acquisition

  • Too many software tools

  • Hard to find documents
  • Unclear project status
  • Communication chaos

The PowerOn software solution helps you automate workflows and data flows between your field and office teams. It also acts as a central database for a fully modular and future-proof technology platform.

The Project Management module can help maximize the overall efficiency of the project at all stages by controlling and monitoring resources, status goals, task assignment, and schedules...

Modern user interface

Neat and fast

A fast user interface designed for modern project management. Get all the information you need in seconds.

Mobile friendly

Easily track projects and tasks on the go. Always stay integrated.

Filters and groups

Search tasks easily with the smart filters. Analyze data with multi-level grouping.

Extensively customizable

Customize the flow of any project, rename phases and alerts according to your own needs, automate emails, etc.

(May require software adjustments).



Work on one or more projects at the same time. Perform cross-project analysis and searches. 

From sales to tasks

Don't lose track of the work that needs to get done. Streamline processes between teams that create projects or tasks from sales orders.


Forecast projects and resources easily using the Gantt chart, taking into account employee vacation time. Compare planned and actual hours.


Enable the subtasks feature on a project-by-project basis. Create multi-level subtasks to manage the relationships between the tasks...

Document management

Manage documents such as specifications, plans, etc.

Time tracking

Track expected and effective hours to reforecast tasks.

Archive tasks

Archive completed tasks and keep track of the tasks you still need to work on.

Email Integration

Customer communication

Communicate with your customers via email. The conversation is automatically attached to the task at hand, so you can accurately track its progress.

Automate actions

Use automated actions to send automatic emails for different statuses.

Internal communication

Custom alerts

Track tasks with just one click and get alerts for relevant activities.

Activity log

The activity log attached to each task gives you a detailed overview of all activities in the document.

Field Services

Link tasks to Field Services and enable scheduling with a start/end date.



Get a detailed analysis of the costs and revenues of your projects.

Tasks Analysis

Get statistics about your tasks to analyze the performance of your projects.

Project Overview

Get the most important information about your project at a glance: time spent, projected time, prices, billable hours, etc.

Gantt chart

Manage tasks on a timeline with the Gantt chart view. The easiest way to track deadlines and progress over time.


Analyze the progress of your tasks using charts: by phase, by responsible, by day, by project, etc.

Pivot table analysis

Use the pivot table for tasks to perform deep statistical analysis on the performance of your projects. 

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