Accounting & Payment Processes

Use software-supported payment and financial processes for purchasing, sales and liquidity management.

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Invoicing and billing management

Manage your daily transactions and save time by relying on PowerOn to accurately track costs and revenues:

  • Invoices can be created on a project-by-project basis based on sales orders.

  • Purchases and expenses can be tracked with the software.
  • Invoices paid by the customer are posted to accounts and forwarded to DATEV,
  • Flexible integration of contact details allows you to stay in touch with customers and keep an archive of paid invoices

Save time, improve cash flow!

You are the expert in solar installations. We are the experts when it comes to providing the right tools to streamline and automate your business process.

        Clean customer invoices

        Simple setup 

        Invoices in PowerOn are easy to create, beautiful and full-featured. (Payment terms, multiple taxes, discounts, price lists).

        Payment terms

        Support multiple payments for one invoice, discounts, advance invoices and partial reconciliations.

        Invoice drafts

        Draft invoices are automatically created by Odoo based on sales orders, timesheets or delivery orders.

        Automated resubmissions

        Odoo automatically suggests emails, templates and tasks to facilitate your collection process.

        Customer portal

        Your customers can track the status of their orders, invoices and payments through their portal.


        Check vendor invoices

        Accurate dates on the purchase order, vendor invoice and receipt to ensure you are paying the correct invoice.

        Employee Expenses

        Track your employee spend, from capture to validation and reimbursement.

        Forecast spend

        Get a clear forecast of your future invoices to pay.

        Incoming invoices

        Get a proposal for vendor invoices to be paid and print checks in batches with just a few clicks.

        Multiple currencies

        Get your currency rate automatically updated every day.

        Multiple companies

        Integrate all your subsidiaries into the same system with real-time consolidation reports. Automate business processes with cross-company rules.

        Multiple users

        Store as many users as you want with different access rights.

        Accounting journals

        Organize your accounting transactions in multiple journals (by department, by type of activity) to distribute roles among multiple users.

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