Products and categories

  • Variant management, including images, description and price variations are managed centrally in Odoo.

  • Inventory management across multiple sales channels in Odoo.
  • Manufacturer and category assignment.
  • Quick search in the product catalogue in Odoo.

  • Update the general catalogue at the push of a button in the PrestaShop e-shop.

  • Update of the individual products in the PrestaShop e-shop.

Order data

  • Centralized processing of PrestaShop orders in Odoo

  • Take full advantage of integration with Accounting and Warehouse modules

  • Automated preparation of the invoice for individual orders

  • Invoices by email with a PDF attachment

  • Quick and easy search for orders using various search parameters, e.g. B. Order number, customer

  • Grouping of orders by delivery date, delivery status, sales channel, etc

Customer master data

  • Management of customer master data in the PrestaShop eShop

  • Segmentation of customers by sales channel

  • Quick and easy customer search for various data sets, e.g. Name, customer number, tags, postal code and contact person

  • Overview of orders and total sales from individual customers

  • Opportunity management via a “sales pipeline” for B2B customers

Tax allocation

  • Taxation rules in PrestaShop are adopted in Odoo

  • Tax regulation for both customer groups (B2B and B2C)

  • Tax regulation for domestic customers, EU and third-country customers (B2B, B2C)
  • Full integration with Odoo Accounting