Capitalize on your growth ambitions! Turn sales stress into business growth!

We specialize in helping businesses improve their sales performance and increase their sales productivity. 

Based on the Odoo enterprise framework, the SalesSquad CRM Software enables B2B sales teams to drive their sales pipelines based on the Objective Key Results (OKR) methodology.


We excel at Sales Prospecting for B2B Technology companies.

Our expertise is to open business conversations with totally new potential customers, qualify them, and pass them on to your Inside Sales team, to develop the sale further.

First contact Prospecting

We open the conversation for organising a demo, meeting or follow-up call with your Inside Sales.

Lead generation

Specify your target buyer, the specific geography and campaign goals, and we generate the Leads.

CRM, Process & Reporting

It’s only possible to organise sustainable sales processes with the right tools. We support you with online, always-available sales software for your peak performance.

The 3C Sales Model

The complete B2B sales process for us comes down to the
3C’s — Contact, Conversation and Closure.




Make initial contact with the Lead, provide a first introduction, qualify a fit, and convert him into a Propsect.



Have a conversation with the Prospect about their needs, problems they want to solve, and everything else they want to share with you.



Prepare the paperwork, negotiate final price, and close the deal.. and start providing initial value to the Customer.

Want to grow your Pipeline?

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So we speak the same language, here’s a few clarifications about the daily terminology we use.

A lead is simply an address card carrying the name, title, company and contact information of a decision-maker.

When a Lead expresses a need for your product or service, and would like a further conversation with a subject-matter expert about a specific topic, an Opportunity is opened.

Once an Opportunity has been identified, we call the decision-maker a Prospect (not a lead anymore).

While SalesSquad acts as your external partner for opening Opportunities, your own sales-team, called *Inside Sales* is prepared to have deeper conversations about Prospect’s specific project needs.

SalesSquad uses the phone as our weapon of choice. We call leads 3 times before switching to sending a follow-up mail. In essence, as an example, if SalesSquad makes a 100 calls on behalf of your brand, and qualify 10 Opportunities, you can focus on talking to only those 10 Prospects and converting them into new business. We continue to call on a daily basis, and pass on new Opportunities to your team.