Shopify Merchant Operating System (MOPS)

      Simplify business management by getting your Shopify store integrated with the Merchant Operating System (MOPS)


              The Shopify Merchant Operations System (MOPS/ERP) costs a cloud flat rate of 295€/month for unlimited users.

              As a growing online merchant, you can adapt MOPS/ERP according to your evolving needs, now and in future, because the MOPS/ERP is based on the opensource Odoo framework. 26000 Odoo modules available as extensions, and new ones can be build exactly to suit your requirement, at cost.

              To offer you maximum investment security, you can take advantage of the "Data Ownership Buyout Option" after 1 year to host the MOPS/ERP on your own servers and maintain them under your full control, with developers of your choice.

              We have explained all details about the pricing for Shopify MOPS below, and are available for your questions.

              What features are included in the Shopify MOPS/ERP?

              • Unified Order Processing for multiple Shopify shops
              • Contact Data Management
              • B2B Sales Pipeline
              • Shopify Live Connector
              • Inventory Management
              • Dropshipping
              • Vendor Management
              • Email Integration
              • Centralised Product Management
              • Mail Marketing
              • .. and much more. Obtain a demo for a full overview.

              What is the Data Ownership Buyout Option?

              MOPS is a Software as a Service, cloud software. But if you wish to take ownership of your company's data by having the ERP database transferred to you, you can do so after 1 year, by paying a one-time fee of 795€.

              What would you do with the ERP database after taking possession?  You can have it maintained by your own internal developers, or any Python developer, especially those with Odoo experience.

              As a customer, if you so wish, you are no longer dependent on Simplify-ERP™, don't pay any fees to us, and obtain no obligatory services from for supporting your ERP.

              What kind of extensions are available?

              The MOPS is built on the widely popular opensource ERP Odoo. 26000 apps/plugins/modules/extensions are available from We help our customers carefully pick and integrate apps based on their needs through our Professional Services.

              What are Professional Services?

              Customisation services provided by Simplify-ERP™ are called Professional Services (PS).

              Is Simplify-ERP™ the only possible customisation service-provider. Fortunately not!

              Aside from Simplify-ERP™, about 40 Odoo partners in Germany (55 in Switzerland, 75 in Netherlands, and several others in other countries) also have the know-how to customise MOPS. As a Shopify merchant, you have a huge selection of service providers for the evolution of your 

              What do Professional Services cost?

              Provided by Simplify-ERP™, PS cost EUR 45,- net per hour.

              Other partners charge their own rates independently.

              The number of hours required to implement a customisation depends completely on the task at hand.
              Our Customer Success Consultants are happy to provide a formal/informal assessment of costs and other implications of creating and installing modules and customisations.

              Pricing for MOPS

              295€/month for unlimited number of users,  with "Data Ownership Buyout Option",

              including BASIC Hosting, scalable to LARGE and XL.

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