Single Point of Contact

When you are working with OdooHire developers, you have the facility of engaging by default and Odoo Business Analyst (BA) as a single point of contact (SPOC) that handles communication and coordination of development activities. A SPOC is responsible for day-to-day communication, management, and the prompt settlement of service requests and responses. A video call, a phone call or text message, or a good old email can all be used to reach them.

BAs assemble the project specification and manage them in a cohesive manner, providing you with a single or multiple outputs while making sure that your requirements are being properly managed and aligned.

The Triad

Our Customers, Developers and Business Analysts collaborate successfully in a triad.

The benefits of engaging a
Single Point of Contact

Allows you to concentrate on your daily work by simplifying the management of your Odoo projects.

Provides a simple means of coordinating and aligning information and requests.

As requests and tasks come in, the project's SPOC prioritises them according to the Customer's business outcomes.

Even for complex multi-country, multi-site projects, the SPOC provides unified responses.

Consistency in communication is ensured.

Provides unified responses to a variety of requests and responses from Customer, Developers and other project stakeholders and service providers.

Removes the guesswork about who to contact for various types of inquiries.

Removes the probability of miscommunication and incorrect or inconsistent interpretations.

Saves Customers time by allowing them to submit a single request for several entities.

Understands problems in a wider context and devices far reaching solutions.

Takes the lead in increasing customer satisfaction over time.