CRM for salespeople who need automation

Has your customer management grown chaotically, and you have lost overview of inquiries, opportunities, sales forecasts and your employee activities?

We help you to structure your sales processes and empower them with modern tools.

Structured sales processes

Higher success rates and increased customer satisfaction due to structured sales automatism.

Inquiry Management

Generate online and offline inquiries.


Quotation process & pricing

Do you generate quotes frequently throughout the day? Do you use customized price lists?

With Odoo your quotes can be created partially automated.

Order entry & processing

Order management and handover in processing is integrated within the system.

Invoicing & payment tracking

Invoices can be created seamlessly in the next process steps after the sale is closed. Automations are possible.

Customer approach online & offline

Online lead generation

Full integration of your website and email campaigns with CRM enables efficient lead processing.

Online sales

Do you trade products online, possibly through multiple online channels? Orders, products and customers can be processed centrally in Odoo.

Online customer service

Customer service is your competitive advantage. For key accounts as well as individual customers, let your customers enjoy top service from your team.

CRM features at a glance

Contact management

Stores contact information such as names, addresses and company details in a searchable database, also quickly accessible on mobile.

Communication flow

Duplicate blocks and columns to add more features.

Lead Management

Manage the process of converting prospects into potential customers (leads) by identifying, evaluating, and working leads through the sales pipeline.


Integration with any mailbox enables contact list management and segmentation, as well as a central hub for internal collaboration.

Document management

Collect, upload, store, and share documents in a centralized location for easy access to information for all stakeholders.

E-commerce, online sales

DSGVO compliant B2C and B2B online commerce, including subscription function, PayPal and credit card payments, as well as interfaces to 3rd party store systems such as Shopware, OXID, WooCommerce, Prestashop and Shopify.

Offer management

Create quotes or proposals and send them to customers. Quotation templates help to create structures. Send to customers directly from CRM via email.

Pipeline management

View an overview of your entire sales pipeline and the status / progress of each stage in the sales funnel.

Workflow automation

Automate repetitive tasks by creating workflows that trigger actions or send reminders for the next actions.

Reporting / Analysis

Get routine summary reports on sales figures or sales rep performance.

Sales forecasts

Generate sales forecasts or based on current lead & sales opportunity pipeline...

Website Visitor Tracking

Tracking of visitor activities to the website, due to integrated full featured CMS

API Interface

XML-RPC, JSON-RPC REST interface, as well as the ability for CSV imports and exports.

Centralized sales management for all channels

Odoo-CRM is predestined for centralizing your sales activities.

Do you sell on the phone? By email? Online on your own webshop, or in online marketplaces? All sales processes can be centralized in Odoo.

Your customer data is also available on the go. Thanks to the modular opensource structure, your processes can be adapted internally as well as externally in the market.

Website Integration

The most beautiful website is of no use if it doesn't help you reach more customers and increase satisfaction in your products & services among existing customers.

Your CRM and your website should beat on the same heart.

Whether you are providing online information (content) or making online sales, an integrated website and sales processes belong together.

We will show you how in our WhitePaper for Sales Managers →

Website functionalities
  • Drag & drop building blocks for building a multi-page website

  • Complete build with zero code

  • Forms integrated with lead generation processes
  • Newsletter integration with marketing processes (incl, automation in communication processes)
  • Integrated blog
  • Images from the free image database Unsplash, with parallax effects
  • Videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Multilingual
  • Content editing in online mode
  • Google map integration
  • Dynamic data from database
  • Facebook and Twitter feed optionally embedded
  • and much more

Optional: Integrated Webshop

  • Structured webshop with multiple categories and languages

  • Variants

  • Distribution of store products within web pages

  • Suitable for B2B and B2C sales

  • Predefined store templates (customizable)

  • Product search
  • and much more


Implementation effort

For smaller websites we do the content transfer for free.

Then we will show you how to integrate your web pages on your own.

The integration of the web forms usually takes upwards of 4 hours, depending on the number of forms, and the required integration with the CRM processes. 

Our goal is to have your website up and running within 1 week.

Make an appointment for an estimate (free of charge


Website hosting is included in the monthly fees.

Integrated Mail Marketing

Customers want to hear from you

and customers want to know. What are the latest developments in your business?

Make it easy for them to get news via email.

With an integrated system, you can manage your email marketing, along with your website and your customer records (CRM).

Book your place now →

Mail marketing functionalities
  • All forms of the website can be integrated into email processes. 

  • Automatisms in the backend, e.g. if a customer has downloaded the product catalog, invite to a phone appointment. 

  • Online courses or technical tips about the product or your service as an automated serial mailing list

Implementation effort
  • 2-4 hours for conceptual consulting 

  • 1-2 days for the introduction 

  • included in website hosting

Spotlight: Sales with Content Marketing

Do you offer your customers free information? Then you can automatically generate inquiries from it.

Odoo website CMS and marketing automation tools let you efficiently automate your content marketing processes.

Switch to Odoo CRM

Are you dissatisfied with your current CRM?

A timely switch to Odoo is possible.

Import of current customer data

Customer contact data as well as current inquiries, orders and old invoices can be imported into Odoo via CSV importers and scripts with little effort.

CRM introduction in 1 week

80% of the functionalities you need can be implemented in Odoo within one week. As a rule, no programming is necessary.

User training & Support

As soon as Odoo CRM is implemented, we train your employees and are then available by phone for further questions.