Whitepaper - Sales management with Odoo

Has your CRM grown chaotically over the years?

Is there untapped potential to make your sales force even more efficient and productive?

Is your sales team growing and you want to structure better?

Are you concerned about your customer data being stored in a cloud?

These and many more sales management issues are solved out-of-the-box by Odoo CRM.

This whitepaper provides you with an overview of the most common questions when switching or implementing Odoo-CRM.

Common Odoo CRM questions answered

  1. Lead generation automation - website, mail integration and API

  2. Sales processes with opportunity pipeline

  3. Quote generation - templates, price lists and communication protocols

  4. Inbound & outbound mail integration, templates and automations

  5. Sales team management

  6. Sales & performance dashboard

  7. Mobile access

  8. DSGVO compliance and data protection

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