Many miles to go..

Simplify-ERP™ is a product of years of software technology and business experience. Today, we bring this experience to our customers out-of-the-box. We solve their daily business problems using technology, and standby to support their growth.

2021 – present

In 2021 tech-investments came back. Simplify™ founded an Odoo Business Analyst team, and restarted expansion of its developer team.

In late 2021, we started a team dedicated to Odoo Website/CMS & E-Commerce expertise.

2020 – 2021

Our core customer base was holding back tech-investments. We spun off our sales team into SalesSquad – an outsourced sales prospecting company to Eastern European tech companies, helping us bridge the grey and uncertain months.

In this period, though new business stagnated, our Odoo team kept up support to existing customers.


The Covid years
As scary prospects for businesses, the economy and our society as we knew it emerged in March of 2020, we went into a survival offensive. 

2016 – present

Simplify-ERP™ was launched as an Odoo expert. At the same time, an nearshore development center was founded in North Macedonia, while ramping down the ODC in India.


Pivot to Odoo
With changing market dynamics (mainly due to the growing influence of Shopify and Amazon), we made a strategic shift into the "back office" space of e-commerce companies.


To gain stronger leverage of projects, we founded a 100% offshore development center in Hyderabad, India. We had the opportunity to become the technical resource arm of numerous e-commerce agencies in DACH.

2008 – 2012

euroblaze™ contracted with outsourcing partners in India, providing German and Swiss e-commerce companies with programming & solution expertise.


The euroblaze™ brand was born, specialising in the OXID E-Sales opensource software platform.

"Sellerbay" – the software that enabled the rapid expansion of online sales in the WiFi component market inspired us to pivot the business again into providing software solutions to e-commerce companies.

2006 – 2007

Online-sales expanded to all of continental Europe, UK and the USA, with stock shipping from 3 warehouses and sourced chiefly from Taiwan and China.


Wapsol pivoted into online-sales of WiFi components to endusers at home, to companies and to industrial complexes. We started with sales in Germany. 

2002 – 2005

Wapsol developed firmware for industrial WiFi routers, build the hardware and deployed networks in public, corporate and industrial areas, until the space was commoditised by telecom majors like the Deutsche Telekom and Cisco.


Ashant Chalasani started the Wapsol GmbH – Wireless Applications and Solutions for his college dormitory. 

The mission was to bring to market the then new and coming WiFi technology.

50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their businesses.

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