Increase conversion with internal store search

HyperSearch® is an intelligent search engine that works inside your webshop. It offers quick orientation and search help to turn your store visitors into paying store customers.

We will inform you how this search service works and how to configure it for more conversion, sales and ROI. Benefit from our experience from more than 200 store projects.


HyperSearch® offers fast search results within an online store thanks to SOLR technology on dedicated servers. Learn here how the search with this intelligent search module works within an online store.


Delivering search results is good, refining search results is better. Find out here how HyperSearch® makes searching convenient thanks to sophisticated filters. For targeted search and a plus in conversion.


Search results as additional navigation for more search convenience. Find out here how HyperSearch® makes searching even easier. After-Search Navigation (ASN) creates virtual sales conversations in your online store.

Why HyperSearch?

  Increase store conversion rate

 Fast search within a store

 Error-tolerant search
  Refine search results with sophisticated filters

  After Search Navigation for more search comfort

  Positive user experience, more search comfort and more enthusiastic customers