Modern Open Source Software

Open source software for growth companies with a wide range of customizable standard functionalities.

Features and opportunities


Structured sales processes, customer master data, sales opportunity pipeline, creation of quotations and much more


Demand determination, approval process, supplier & document management and much more

Warehouse & merchandise management

Inventory management, warehouse and bin management, order proposals, item master data, multi-warehouse structures and much more

E-commerce & logistics

Online store, marketplace connection, centralized returns management, drop shipping, and much more

Task and project management

Execution of simple projects including task management, KaPa, MiPa and much more

Invoicing & payment tracking

Invoicing directly in the sales workflow, electronic dunning procedures, payment tracking & import of bank statements


Full and partial automation depending on process requirements, with manual intervention where necessary

Production management

Bill of materials, order management (MO), material requirements, and work center planning.

Repair and service

Service orders on tablets & smartphones, tool scheduling, real-time data collection, etc. Integration with warehouse and purchasing processes

Time tracking

Time tracking per task, both at work and on the go

Is Odoo strategically suitable for my company?

Odoo is currently the most modern ERP and digitization platform available: modular, mobile, browser-based and opensource.

But is Odoo right for your company? What is the return on investment? Does Odoo offer a suitable strategic basis for the growth of your company?

We help you to understand the added value of Odoo for your company and clarify the most important strategic questions with you.

Let us advise you or use our free ROI calculator for your own calculation.

Adaptable, interdisciplinary, integrated system.

Modules or, in Odoo jargon, "apps" offer flexible entry into specific business areas.

All applications are based on the same database, i.e. all process data is already integrated into the system.

As a software manufacturer, Odoo offers over 50-million-tested apps for diverse business areas, such as sales, purchasing, warehouse & merchandise management, logistics, CMS, DMS, manufacturing, accounting and e-commerce.

Thanks to the open source model, new apps can be easily created individually by qualified programmers.

Processes are the
be-all and end-all

Within your company, diverse teams and departments should be smoothly integrated and interconnected. In addition, all data must be consistent across departments and accessible at all times.

This is exactly what Odoo's architecture ensures. Built on a central database, integrated apps ensure maximum efficiency in your business processes.

Are your team processes fragmented? Could you benefit from integration? Contact us and we'll work with you to find the best solution.

Project implementation

Flexible implementation options for your digitization project

Fixed price projects

We implement your Odoo project according to your requirements at a fixed price.

Cost-effective and ideal for new and highly individual digitization projects.

Success packages

Buy a time contingent and our experts will start your project immediately.

Ideal for standard requirements that usually don't need custom programming.


Do you want to extend existing processes or expand already integrated Odoo modules? 

Are you using an Odoo module that needs to be upgraded? We will help you with the upgrade.


Do you want to get fitter with the use of the Odoo system?

We're happy to train you via online screen sharing, or on-site.


User support

Do you have employees who need short-term help with using Odoo?

We are available by phone, email and video conference.


Implementation of 
the "Must-Haves"

"Must-Haves" are mandatory functionalities that must be available right at the start of the Odoo implementation.

Which function you should not do without under any circumstances must be decided individually, because common business processes can usually be implemented (cost-efficiently) with standard functionalities and individual developments naturally have their price - the Pareto principle fully applies here.

To find out your mandatory functionalities - and which functions can be developed as optional extensions - we will be happy to advise you, e.g. after an intensive analysis or as part of a non-binding initial consultation.

Implementation of
the "Nice–to-Haves"

To keep the project as economical as possible, we try to implement 80% of the project with standard features.

The remaining 20% of the features can then be implemented individually in a second implementation stage (ES).

Here, too, you can rely on our consulting services. We will help you to develop an implementation strategy.

Target-oriented flash projects

Do you have specific business areas that are in particular need of digitization? Would you like to be active in this immediately?

It is perfectly possible to digitize this area with Odoo and integrate it into the overall system at a later date.

Odoo can be integrated into third-party systems via CSV data exchange as well as APIs.

Learn more about our numerous case studies or call us directly for a free consultation.

Business processes in 50,000+ companies are structured with Odoo.

Equip your processes with the most modern tools, reduce your costs and maximize your operational results!