Purchase & Vendor Management

Integrate Vendors into your business processes – obtain quotations, track inbound shipments and share demand forecasts.

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The Purchase module in CommerceCore™ is fully integrated into the Inventory and Sales modules. For drop-shipping processes, automatic purchases processes are triggered. Similarly, when stock levels are falling low CommerceCore™ allows an easy forward path to trigger procurement processes.

The focus is to provide an easy user experience for company purchasers to ensure timely procurement.

Multiple Vendors per Product

Vendor Fields

Following vendor data-points/fields can be maintained per product in CommerceCore™.

  • Vendor name

  • Purchase price

  • Delivery lead-time

  • Vendor product name

  • Vendor product code

  • Minimum order quantity (MoQ)

  • Delivery lead-time

  • Unit of (purchase) Measure (UoM)

  • Currency of purchasing

Vendor Pricelists

Vendor Pricelists allow for the overview of pricing of specific products, and product-variants on a single comprehensive view.

Grouping by Products or Vendors allows for an even more focused overview.

Vendor Communication

As with other CommerceCore™ modules, the Chatter allows for excellent communication possibilities with your Vendors.

Create PurchaseOrder templates, or delivery reminders or payment notices – all in the familiar context of the specific business transaction.

Contacts and Vendor Database

Your Vendor database is available on CommerceCore™, complete with contact information of counterparts, for easy email or telephone outreach.