Inventory in Realtime.

Improve performance & process time. Organise your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system.

Warehouse Locations

It is helpful to structure your warehouse in at least 3 locations – Goods In, Goods Out and the actual Storage area. 

In addition, you may also wish to maintain a Scarp area, and one for Returned goods.

Goods In

Inventory that have been freshly been purchased or otherwise entering the inventory from a different source, is stored in either the 

  • Partner Locations / Vendor, if stock is being expected, or

  • In a specific physical warehouse where it is being stored.

In this view, the Storage (Internal, Physical) and Customer and Vendor Partner locations are shown under Configuration → Locations.

Planning Issues

By default, the Receipts operation on the CommerceCore™ Inventory dashboard shows an overview of all Planning Issues – the shipments that are either pending delivery from Vendors to your warehouse, or delivery pending from your warehouse to Customers.

Goods Out

Outbound Orders pertaining to transfer of goods from a Storage location to a Customer location are listed unter Inventory Overview → Delivery Orders.

The status Done pertains to orders that have been shipped out to customers, an the status Ready pertains to orders that have been released for shipment by the Sales processes/organisation, but awaiting receipt of some missing line items.

Further filters can be applied incase you are dealing with a large order throughput. Test it out in a free-trial.

Digging deeper into each of the Delivery Orders provides further details of the specific components being shipped, as also other order-related dates. As always, CommerceCore™ it is possible to communicate with your business partners using the Chatter.


 The stock held in all warehouse locations can be overviewed under Reporting → Inventory Report. Available quantities, even if in deficit can be viewed for every product being stored. 

See Inventory Reports below.

Inventory Reports

Stock on Hand

In case a single product is being stored in multiple locations, it is possible to group by Product, to find out how much stock is available spread across all of them.

Alternatively, it is possible to group by Warehouse Locations.

Inventory Valuation

Stock Valuation

 How much purchase value is being stored in your warehouses is certainly a data-point that you'd like to know as accurately as possible at any given time. This is shown under the Reporting → Inventory Valuation.

Valuation of specific products is shown accurately in a double-entry method.

The Stock Valuation report also summarises the currently available quantities on hand.