CommerceCore™ Chatter

Stay on top of communication with business partners by using inbound and outbound mails, embedded into the workflow context.

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Inbound Mail Server

Create New Record

CommerceCore™ allows the incoming mail to trigger a creation of a new record.

Automatically sort and route emails

The Inbound mail server configuration in CommerceCore™ lets you automatically sort and route emails from customers into the right document. This reduces the risk of losing customer communications or having to search through multiple inboxes to find the right email.

Add followers to documents

Include others in the context of a particular document so they can follow along or be updated as needed. This is especially useful when working on complex projects with multiple people. 

Notify users about progress or problems

Handle replies to Messages sent from the Chatter of various documents.

Outbound Mail Server

Quickly reply to customers

Send emails straight from CommerceCore™ to customers and clients using a simple CommerceCore™ mail server configuration. 

Stay connected to your CommerceCore™ database on the go

Access all the features you need from your mobile device. 

Mail Templates

Easy access to Email Template

No need to open email template wizard. Select and send email template from chatter.

Create and manage Message Templates per Model/Object

Save time by avoiding retyping of messages. Create a professional look for your customer communication.


Predefined Attachments

Send email with predefined attachment to template.

Add Attachment from Chatter

Add images or files related to support issue and ask customer to check those files.

Add some PDF files, Spreadsheets or Images and ask customer for feedback.