Data Mining for Lead Generation
How to generate more leads using CommerceCore™

Creating leads for your organization is a complex process. Some companies rely on inbound marketing methods like blogs and social media, while others use outbound strategies that interrupt consumers with ads or calls. No matter which method you choose, having more data about the consumer can help you make smarter decisions that lead to higher conversions.

One of the most innovative and effective ways to get data for your lead generation campaign is through data mining: a process that uses software tools to extract information from various locations on the internet.

Let's take a look at how data mining works and why it will be incredibly beneficial for your business!

What does a "Lead" mean in the world of marketing?

A lead in the world of marketing is a potential consumer who shows interest in your product or service. They have not placed an order yet, but they are showing signs that it could be possible in the future if you keep up communication with them about promotions and discounts to encourage their purchase.

The definition of "lead" may differ depending on the company. For some businesses, a "lead" is a contact who has already been assessed to be a possible client, whilst for others, a "lead" is any sales contact. What stays constant across definitions is that a lead has the potential to become a future client. As a result, sales teams must convert as many leads as possible in order to maintain a high conversion rate.

What is "Lead mining" in CRM?

Lead mining in CRM is a process that includes extracting information from various sources to determine if someone could be interested in your product or service. This requires using software tools and, most importantly, having an established CRM system.

A sales analyst will use the data gathered by lead mining for market research purposes: they want to know about trends and demographics in order to make informed decisions about future marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, lead generation and nurturing is a process that focuses on following up with leads: this includes sending personalized emails based on their profile and ensuring they receive notifications regarding special offers or discounts that will encourage them to convert into clients. This stage of market research helps keep communication channels open between the client and your company, making it easier to convert them into customers.

How to define a "Quality lead"?

After determining statistically that creating high-quality leads is the primary source of pain for B2B business executives, we must now understand what a high-quality lead is and, more critically, how to distinguish them from low-quality leads.

A quality lead is a person in a specific decision-making position in a specific company who has a high probability of becoming your client. In other words, this is a lead that is a perfect match for your ideal customer profile (ICP), which means the following:

  • A quality leader must be able to make decisions (i.e., VP of Marketing, CEO, Director, etc.).

  • This lead's company has an issue that your product/service can solve.

  • Your company has a lot to offer your lead's company.

  • They should be financially capable of purchasing your product/service.

Lead generation challenges

Because of the availability of many marketing platforms, lead creation may have grown faster and more efficient. However, there are several internal and external aspects that marketers should be aware of. Modern marketing techniques rely significantly on data and the use of new technology, all of which need funding and management backing. Furthermore, new ways to lead generation need a more hands-on effort, which may spread your personnel too thin.

Top 3 Lead Generation Challenges

Data mining for lead generation

More and more B2B businesses realize the different benefits that lead generation has to offer. As you’ll see in the statistics we’ve listed below, an increasing number of companies are putting more focus on their lead generation strategies to improve the quality of prospective clients that they are attracting. In addition, B2B companies can expect to see more advanced software solutions as new tech such as big data, predictive analytics, AI, and social media pave the way for more proactive and personalized lead generation.

  • B2B companies with mature lead generation processes enjoy 133% more revenue compared to average companies. (Intellistart, 2021)

  • 56% of organizations are exceeding their revenue goals because of effective lead generation efforts. (Marketing Charts).

3 main reasons you might want to incorporate data mining into your lead generation strategy

Targeted marketing campaign

One of the most obvious benefits is that it enables you to create a more targeted marketing campaign. By using data mining, your sales team can gather information about customers' interests and preferences so they know exactly what type of advertising will be effective for each individual client or potential client.

Greater sense of security

A second reason why lead generation through data mining is so beneficial is that it provides a greater sense of security. Instead of relying on pure luck for your marketing campaign, you can use data mining to ensure the products and services advertised meet certain criteria. By using software tools like those provided by CommerceCore™, you will have an accurate prediction about how many clients are likely to convert into actual sales.

Increase website traffic

Finally, a third reason why you should consider incorporating data mining into your lead generation strategy is that it enables you to increase website traffic through effective SEO practices. The more people who visit your site and click on links for specific products or services advertised during targeted marketing campaigns, the higher likelihood there will be of conversions occurring. Each time someone visits your site and interacts with the links you have included, it contributes to your overall SEO strategy.

Data mining in CommerceCore™ CRM

Quality leads are vital in every organization in order to keep it expanding. Companies or company organizations are constantly looking for the finest ways to obtain leads for their sales force to work on and convert into clients. CommerceCore™ CRM makes it simple and efficient to generate leads.

The lead mining tool in CommerceCore™ CRM allows you to produce leads from scratch straight from your database, which is a wonderful supplement to the leads you may obtain through direct contact or through the website. The function is highly suggested for new businesses and projects since it is an effective, sophisticated, and efficient tool for producing amazing leads and therefore boosting your company's growth to a great degree. 

Lead mining eliminates the need to wait for consumers to come to you; instead, lead mining allows you to specify criteria for the leads you need to create. The parameters may be defined depending on the most relevant leads for your business, as determined by country.

The CommerceCore™ CRM module enables you to mine Leads straight from your databases. The technology allows you to create mining criteria based on filters so that the CRM only mines out Leads that are relevant to your business. And this is frequently done based on the nation in which you reside. Lead mining is a very difficult technique, but no one would put a weight on you since the CRM would lift all of the weight for you and produce quick results. If you are just starting out in business, this feature is highly recommended. CRM lead mining tools may significantly increase your company's growth.

To set this feature, go to CommerceCore™ CRM module

Go to the Configuration Menu and Click on the Settings option 

From the Settings Menu by the bottom you can find an option for Lead mining. You have to Activate/Enable the” Lead Mining” option. (There is a feature in lead mining where we can click to purchase some credit and use it for lead generation.)

After you activate the Lead mining function in CommerceCore™ CRM, a new option called Generate Leads will appear on your CRM dashboard, right next to Create. 

When you click on Generate Leads a new card will open which is used to mine leads.

First, you need to choose how many leads you want to be generated, and then you need to choose your Target between Companies and Companies and their contacts.

You can also filter Companies on Size, Country and Industry.

If you want to be sure that these leads are automatically assigned to a specific Sales Team, you need to define that in the Lead Information, where you can also choose a specific Sales Person.

If you want to easily keep track of some of those leads, you can automatically add  Tags.

Now, just click on the Submit button, and those Leads will be generated in a second.

With this powerful tool, you can produce Leads quickly and effortlessly, saving you time and valuable energy.


By using CommerceCore™ , you no longer have to wait for consumers to come to you.  Instead, you can mine them and produce leads from the sales staff, who can then convert them into customers. The lead mining tool will essentially collect all of the required data for lead follow-up, and the sales staff will be able to follow up on the leads that the mining tool provided.

Following this approach, your sales staff will have a large number of Leads to work with and convert into Customers. This process will save you a tremendous amount of time and is intensely efficient compared to the traditional way of fishing for Leads.

If you would like more information about how CommerceCore™ CRM module can help your company generate more customers, please contact us using our Contact Form or Schedule a Demo today!

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Data Mining for Lead Generation
Nikola R. 22 November, 2021
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How to generate leads with CommerceCore™ CRM