Odoo Partners versus Freelance Developers
Picking the right Odoo ERP implementation experts

    Odoo ERP's reputation and loyalty are growing by the day. The availability of numerous modules and applications that are well suited to the demands of a specific industry is the main reason for this interest.

    Odoo has demonstrated its applicability in a variety of business sectors, including accounting, finance, human resources, manufacturing, or project management.

    However, as Odoo is open-source and not a one size fits all solution, its implementation can be challenging. It requires both technical and functional knowledge to implement Odoo successfully.

    Odoo implementation can be a complex and time-consuming process, so it's important to choose the right partner to help with your project.

    When it comes time to implement Odoo, businesses have two main options: Odoo Partners or Freelancers.

    Through this article, we share a few observations to help you understand why it's better to choose Odoo Partner to conduct your Odoo ERP implementation over Freelance developers.

    What is the difference between freelance developers and Odoo partner companies?

    To identify the complex challenges, business processes, practices, systems, and operations of each department, such as sales, purchasing inventory, and so on, ERP deployment requires a professional with domain-rich qualified experience who can work directly with clients.

    Your Odoo implementation partner must have a strong understanding of all of these areas in order to properly implement Odoo ERP software for your business.

    Quality of service and specialisation offered

    In the case of an Odoo freelancer, it is not necessary for the individual to be knowledgeable in all areas of the industry.

    A freelance developer can only specialise in one dimension, not all of them. This might be a problem for your project if its specialised domains don't meet up your requirement.
    When it comes to Odoo partners, this changes.

    The project's size and scope may vary depending on your requirements.
    But, whether it be initial implementation or ongoing maintenance,  a team of experts, each with their own strengths will leverage their knowledge to ensure the continuity and success of your Odoo project . 

    The consistency in delivering high-quality services

    Meeting deadlines with freelancers is still another challenge. 

    Maybe the biggest disadvantage of working with a freelancer is that they are frequently a one-man team. They might be overloaded with various projects that threaten your deliverables on time and generate high-quality results.

    Their engagement with many projects at the same time complicates the preparation and coordination of work schedules and adds to frequent project postponements.

    Working with an Odoo partner company implies that they will allocate more than one Odoo consultant or developer to your project to ensure it remains on track.

    Effective coordination of development workflows

    Every business has a different way of working and process framework for various projects.
    If you work with Odoo freelancers, there may be times when you need to control and monitor every detail of the development process.

    With a qualified Odoo development partner, you can rely on them to deliver the needed outcomes with less oversight from your side.

    At each and every level, an Odoo partner or service provider will uphold professionalism. They stick to the agreed deadlines and ensure that the projects are performed in a timely manner which also guarantees industry standards.

    Flexibility and scalability showcased in the work

    Businesses may not have enough information on freelancers to fully validate them. Unless you are dealing with a freelancer with a long track record, working with a freelancer may be less predictable in terms of knowing the quality of work the freelance developer may do.

    The freelancer's primary responsibility is to write code that meets your specifications without regard for cross-checking or Odoo coding standards. You may also be required to pay an additional fee for any post-implementation support.

    When working with Odoo partner company you get proper workflows, reporting of each task has been done, communication with developers, knowing the team experience and knowledge.

    To find out all about the reliability of your potential Odoo implementation partner, you can look for the company's ratings and reviews, as well as their own case studies.

    An Odoo partner company would also have a team of certified Odoo consultants and business analysts to offer you the best possible advice and support for your project.

    Experience in managing startup development or major projects

    If you go with a freelancer, you may need to devote your own time to showcase exactly what is required.

    Time consumption in communication, documentation, analysis, issue resolution, and project completion may be higher due to the freelancer's lack of expertise.

    Because freelancers operate on a time and material basis, your costs may rise as well.


    The project does not finish when your development partner completes it. You will also require assistance and maintenance from time to time.

    In the event of an urgent question, it is worth the extra cost to utilise the project's extended assistance from an Odoo partner company.

    It is wise to take time and select a developer that helps you to align the work process on a long-term basis.

    Benefits of working with Simplify-ERP Odoo developers

    As Odoo has grown at a rapid pace in recent years, so has the need for Odoo implementations and services in local markets. 

    Hiring Odoo developers from Odoo partners allows you to use the resource for any Odoo-related services. Odoo Apps Development, Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Training, Odoo Migration, and Odoo Integration.

    Regardless of your requirements, hiring Simplify-ERP Odoo developers will give you the opportunity to hire professionals for both the short and long term.

    Hiring our Odoo Partners will provide you with some exceptional benefits, which include:

        1. Delivering  guaranteed results as per your needs.
        2. Developing software/modules using latest technology.
        3. Offering dedicated support.
        4. Regularly updating of modules to the latest versions.
        5. Affordable and customised services.


    An Odoo partner company will make the best use of the resources provided by Odoo. It will make your business processes streamlined and more efficient.

    If you're looking for dedicated Odoo developers that can help you streamline your business processes and make them more efficient, then contact us today. We have the experience and resources to provide you with the best possible solutions achievable.
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    Odoo Partners versus Freelance Developers
    Nikola R. 18 April, 2022
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