The importance of a business analyst for software implementation project
Optimising Odoo Implementation Projects - Part 2

                        It is not an easy task to introduce new company software. The results of one's labour do not appear immediately. It is a challenging process that needs a great deal of clarity, patience, and dedication.

                        While every software deployment has its issues, the majority of them are avoidable.

                        A business analyst's function is one of the most important in shaping the success of any project in a complex network of relationships.

                        By predicting and resolving possible issues, a business analyst can keep employees and stakeholders happy while saving thousands, if not millions, of dollars in time, turnover, and operating costs.

                        "No one wins when a project is misaligned with executive priorities".

                        According to a 2021 research, lack of organisational and executive support and issues managing user expectations and change management were the biggest challenges with implementing new software solutions. 

                        What benefits does the work of an analyst bring?

                        From a business standpoint, it is first and foremost concerned with the project's business goals, ensuring that they are at the heart of the specified requirements and are delivered. A BA not only assists in the achievement of corporate objectives, but also communicates and explains them.

                        It is not an exaggeration to suggest that a BA promotes a project and its goal among stakeholders and project team members.

                        Business analysts help with the planning and execution of an integration project by doing the following:

                        Discover business needs

                        The first phase in the business analysis process is a needs assessment. This practice assists a BA in identifying needs or gaps between the project's present condition and the anticipated final result.

                        Identifying stakeholders

                        Identifying stakeholders will enable the BA in developing a communication strategy to minimise misunderstandings, assessing the role of stakeholders, and determining the effect and impact of specific stakeholders on the development effort.

                        Plan the project

                        Preparing a project plan entails developing a vision for how the project will be completed. This approach assists a BA in focusing on the main tasks and remaining focused on the business objective. This plan explains the sequence of steps in the product development process and contains information about the time and resources needed to complete each step. 

                        Determine requirements

                        Following the creation of a project plan, the business analyst must identify the project requirements. At this point, the BA determines which activities must be carried out in order to meet our client's business objectives.

                        Evaluating the solution

                        During the course of a project, requirements and goals may change. A business analyst's job includes checking the project requirements on a regular basis. A BA ensures that all requirements appropriately reflect the end goal and that solutions created are related to the requirements by reviewing the project goals.

                        Working with a business analyst as a part of a software implementation means savings in time and costs

                        Reduce the implementation costs  - Although a business analyst is not totally responsible for a project's finances, they can affect project costs by precisely specifying needs to prevent rework.

                        Reduce the implementation time - A business analyst develops a roadmap that details each step and the time required to perform certain activities. This allows us to better manage our time and ensures the timely delivery of a high-quality product.

                        Why choose the Simplify-ERP™ Business Analysts for your Odoo implementation projects

                        One of the challenges we solve for our customers is to integrate business processes into a single seamless digital-first system. With Odoo as the digitalisation platform, we streamline company processes, internal as well as external to ensure maximum efficiency.

                        Simplify™'s Business Analysts specialise in the following processes.

                        • End to end sales processes for B2B, B2C/Retail and Online

                        • Warehouse & Logistics

                        • Light Manufacturing and Assembly

                        • Accounting, Finance and Book-keeping

                        • Purchase

                        • Web-CMS Applications and E-Commerce

                        • Recruitment and Staff Management

                        • Project Management & Groupware.


                        It is essential for businesses to thoroughly analyse their requirements, choose the right Odoo implementation partner, keep the budget under control, ensure system compatibility as well as a continuous flow of communication between stakeholders, manage time, data, and, most importantly, change, and have continuous training and support.

                        Without a question, every Odoo implementation project is a challenging project, but our Business Analysts ensure that it is completed as efficiently, successfully, and enjoyable as possible.

                        Get in touch with us for more information on our consultancy services and tailored cloud integration packages for unique business challenges.

                        For a closer look at our projects and experience, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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                        Dealing with and understanding the impact of change is a key part of the

                        Business Analyst’s role. 

                        Our Business Analyst will effectively “translate” the business requirements into functional actions. These in turn will help to ensure better control around cost, delivery and meeting the goals of the business.

                        Find out how our business analysts would benefit your company.

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                        The importance of a business analyst for software implementation project
                        Nikola R. 12 April, 2022
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