Explanatory video: Omnichannel E-Commerce Catalog Manager for odoo


It is increasingly essential for online retailers to position themselves in as many sales platforms online, offline and in partner channels as possible. This gives your product range increased visibility in front of the largest possible target group.

However, you can have a special “placement strategy” in each sales channel. As an example: You sell your entire range in your own webshop, but only the remaining stock on eBay, plus your bestsellers on Amazon! Your pricing strategy can also differ from channel-to-channel.


The odoo Omnichannel Catalog Manager enables you to divide your product range into any number of different catalogs, according to your product placement strategy.

To avoid the problem of “double content” in omnichannel sales, you can even optionally vary the item description data - text, images and video from the catalog to catalog.

Would you like to offer sub-shops for certain product groups based on the common shop systems such as OXID, Shopware or Magento? No problem: a dedicated catalog contains all products dedicated to this new sub-shop. You can even set the categorization as you like.

Do you also offer your range to partner companies? You then create a catalog dedicated to the partner and output the article data digitally as XML files. Or even better, offer your partner a complete shop, equipped with an assortment - he takes care of sales and you only handle the order processing.

By the way: The incoming orders from each channel come back on the way back to the odoo, nicely segmented according to their source. This means that you can determine at any time how one of your channels are performing. Customers are also segmented so that you can specifically advertise your future offers.

Profitable omnichannel online sales require a high degree of digitization and channel integration. Position yourself as broadly as possible and present your range to the largest possible buyer target groups.

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