Software Tools

These tools are used by our programmers and Information Business Administrators (IBA) 
to work with our customers.

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available for Apple-Mac as well as Windows is a simple and free screenshoting tool. Download the software from, and if you like the software, you can leave a donation to Jens Klingen and his team for providing the software for free!


For advanced screenshoting, we recommend the commercially available, feature rich, Snagit software from TechSmith.


Google Docs

Great for writing fast documents and sharing them immediately with collaborators. We also use the Google Suite for spreadsheets and slides.


Do you like to write developer-friendly documentation? Then Github would be a great place to quickly provide documentation in the markdown format. Such documentation is then attached directly to the source-code of your project. 

Our Github repository.


Notion is an absolute favourite with our customers and non-developer users, given it's rich features for fast documentation as well as access over a user-friendly mobile app. Notion is free for light usage, and the paid versions are very valuable too!

Source-Code Management


  • We maintain a separate repository for every one of our customers.

  • Multiple projects and releases are maintained as branches.

  • And we are happy to give out a lot of our software for free (GPL).

Here's our Github repo

Video Calls


Our absolute favourite is Whereby, a Norwegian cloud video-conference provider, with great quality of service, and simple tools. As a company, we spend about 200 hours a week on Whereby.

No local installations, everything runs in the web-browser, and there are mobile apps for Android and iOS for handy team/group calls.



It's got a bad rep. on MSM (mainstream media), but it's one of the most secure user-respecting chat service. Some of the features we love, and why we recommend it to our customers as well are:

  • Messages just written can be edited.

  • Simple text formatting, including hyperlinks.

  • Groups

  • Great search

  • Desktop client for Windows and Mac, for rich-texting.

  • End-to-end AES-encryption

  • Videochat

  • Screensharing

We only hope Telegram transforms into a Blockchain based chat service and goes open-source (like Signal) in the near future, to offer even greater privacy.

Screen Recordings


Capture, create and share!

  • We like the editing features and small sized MP4 files that this screen-recording package outputs.

  • It's robust for internal team training and feedback videos, as also customer presentations.

  • Though we use Vimeo for streaming, "SoM" also offers online storage, streaming and backup services.


Our professional video-grapher Nik swears by this package, because of the flexibility it offers to high-end users. Bit of a stretch for quick video recordings for regular users, but check it out if you want to do anything sophisticated!