Workflow Automation

Process automation provides efficiencies and productivity gains for your employees.

Business process automation

Odoo solutions enable the collection and systematization of disconnected data, making business management as transparent and effective as possible while increasing productivity.


Which business processes can be automated?

Business automation is the transfer of disconnected and/or routine operations under the control of automated information systems.

The following business processes can be automated:

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Core processes

Sales, Production, Customer Interaction

The aim is to increase sales and profitability of a company.

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Supporting processes

Accounting and Warehousing, Marketing, External Communications

Integration of CRM/ERP systems is aimed at reducing the time spent on routine activities, rather than at increasing profits

Key automation areas

          Management level

          • Strategic management;

          • Budget coordination;

          • Information and economic security;

          • Legal support.

          Inventory management

          • Management of material supplies, equipment, inventories;

          • Predictive analysis;

          • Quality control;

          • Logistics.

          Marketing and sales management

          • Customer relationship management (CRM), public relations (PR).

          • Customer engagement management, feedback.

          Finance and accounting

          • Bookkeeping, tax accounting;

          • Salary calculation;

          • Financial planning.

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