Time recording for agencies and service providers

Accurately track employee time leads to accurate billing to maximize their productivity. Record time online for your client projects, in the browser and mobile with Odoo.

Time tracking for individual projects

Record time for specific projects and specific tasks, even if multiple employees are working on the same task.

As an agency, you can accurately track time for work delivered to clients.

Mobile time recording

Are there tasks that are completed outside of the system, such as a quick round of consulting on the phone?

Use a mobile app to start and stop the stopwatch and log time for specific tasks in a specific project associated with a specific client.

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Time tracking in the browser

If your employees work with Google Chrome, use the handy Chrome plugin to start and stop the timer.

Once the task is completed, the time can be saved in a task or transferred or split to another task.


Would you like to issue an invoice to the customer immediately after the execution of a task? No problem, the billing functions can be activated selectively for specific projects.

The productive time can then be transferred to a SaleOrder and an invoice created afterwards.


At the end of a billing period, timesheets can be exported and sent to a customer.

Time tracking for tasks can optionally be automated so that customers receive periodic time reports directly from the system.

This saves time for creative tasks, instead of tedious administrative time wasters!

We can advise you on how to provide transparent time tracking to your customers →