Email Newsletters

Classic newsletters still work, now even better with Odoo marketing automation


Personalize Communications

72% of buyers expect B2B companies to personalize their communications



Marketing Spend

Digital marketing will be the most important area of marketing spend for 56% of B2B marketers in 2021


Marketing Platform

65% of B2B companies use a marketing automation platform.



Marketing Search

On average, B2B buyers conduct 12 searches before going to a specific brand's website.

Customer list segmentation

Essential to a successful newsletter campaign is accurate recipient segmentation so that only relevant audiences receive the information they want.

Segment your recipient list into smaller lists and create high-quality campaigns that always get to the point.

Content Editor

With drag & drop you create visually appealing newsletters, including text, image and video content

The content can of course be embedded with personalization variables.

Mail Drips

Did you know that you can establish your brand with your target customers with minimal effort using Mail Drips?

Set up a series of messages. As new recipients join the mailing list, they will automatically receive the series of messages in order.

Try drip mailings today!