Marketing Automation Engine

Powerful automation technology helps design intelligent campaigns

Map workflows

Marketing automations allow you to execute a campaign in multiple action steps.

For example, sending out a 3-part training manual for your latest product, with a few days between each part to allow the reader to understand the new information.

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Conditional actions

Do you want to introduce conditionality between automated marketing steps?  This is possible by building conditional workflows.

For example, in the case of a 3-part training manual for your latest product, introduce tests between each part. The following part will be sent only if the recipient passes a test in the current part.

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Map campaign logic

You can build intelligent workflows between campaign actions.


Did a customer buy a product online? Then automatically send her a user guide within the next few days. Then, in a few weeks, send her a quote for a quick phone review with the customer and gather valuable feedback.

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Use (Advanced) programming language

Because Odoo CRM and Marketing Automations are built on the same database, it's possible to embed programming actions based on recipient behavior.


When the customer is identified as a business in an online store, the system creates an activity for the sales representative in charge to follow up on the phone.