Sales Teams

Whether individually or in teams with several sales employees, Odoo CRM enables each customer to be looked after personally. Measure the performance of each individual seller and together achieve amazing sales goals!

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success." - Henry Ford

Lead Assignment

Whether leads are automatically generated on your website, imported from external sources, or manually entered by sales and marketing staff, they can be assigned to specific sales reps or a team of sales reps.

For larger lead volumes, assignments can be automated.

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Team level reporting

Measuring performance at the team level in Odoo is easy. You simply group sales opportunities or confirmed orders by the sales team and the numbers are immediately clear.

Team reports can be automated and sent periodically via email.

Sales opportunities by team

Do your sales teams organize themselves independently to handle incoming leads? 

Or does your sales organization have multiple autonomous teams?

Odoo CRM allows you to organize flexibly to maximize the successful closing of sales opportunities.

Sales Representation

Soon, the days of auto responders for sales teams will be a thing of the past!

When sales reps are on vacation or sick, customers won't have to wait too long for a response.

They simply "subscribe" to a rep for an important lead, enabling them to close the sale as early as possible.

Why wait until tomorrow for sales that can be realized today?

Sales geographic territories

As a sales manager, you can structure your sales team by geographic territory.

Did you know that Odoo CRM is multilingual? Your sales reps can communicate with their leads and customers in their local language.

Organize national, pan-European or global sales organizations with Odoo CRM. 

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Leadership and sales management

Sales teams achieve the best results when led by skilled sales managers. Be the enabler for your team's maximum performance.

Odoo CRM provides sales managers with reporting, management, and organizational tools to help you achieve ever-higher revenue goals.