Structure in sales opportunity processing

Intelligent processing of sales opportunities with fast tools leads to a higher success rate and higher sales.

Contacts → Opportunities

As a company, and especially your sales team, generates many contacts on an ongoing basis. An increasing number of them even come from your website.

Capture the contacts in Odoo CRM and convert them into sales opportunities after the initial qualification.

This way, you start the sales process in your CRM and your sales team can follow up on the opportunities in a structured way.

Sales stages

Every sale follows a specific process that starts with introducing your product, service, and company to a potential customer.

Structure the different stages of your typical sale in Odoo CRM and manage your sales process in a systematic way.

Structured and systematic selling leads to more sales.

Communication is crucial

During the sales cycle, you gather valuable information about the problem areas your potential customer hopes to solve by using your products and services. In addition, a personal relationship is built.

Control all your communications in one place, at the opportunity level, and increase the chances of conversion.


Never miss out on returning a customer's call or providing them with the promised information in a timely manner. 

Odoo CRM allows you to schedule sales activities according to the customer's needs and your own schedule.

Real-time reports

Want to see a real-time overview of the amount of potential revenue embedded in your sales pipeline?

Segment the entire pipeline by stages, countries, sales reps, and timeframes with just a few clicks.

In addition, automate sales reports that are sent to key decision makers as well as individual sales reps.

Workflow Integrations

Once you close a sale, instantly create quotes and send them to customers within minutes.

Has the customer accepted your quote?

Then immediately forward the order to your fulfillment team.

At the same time, create an invoice and send it to the customer immediately. 

Respond quickly, get paid quickly, improve your cash flow.