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Online Sale

Flexible integration within 1 week of online sales opportunities for listing and selling your products and services

Integrated store and website

One of the main impressive features of the Odoo framework is the integrated functionality between website and web store.

While your business can be presented on a typical website, all products and services to be offered online can be seamlessly integrated for an optimal customer journey.

Landing Pages

Do you want to provide customers with standard web store information, such as shipping, payment, returns, and privacy policies? 

Or do you want to offer customers additional information about the benefits and features of your products?

Quickly creating landing pages allows you to publish such information without the need for professional web designers.

Just write your content, embed images and videos, and publish and send a link to customers. It's simple!

Easy Checkout Process

One user compared the checkout process in web stores to standing in line at the cash register in a brick-and-mortar store and filling out forms. We thought she had an interesting point.

Well, we couldn't completely eliminate forms in the Odoo e-commerce module, but we certainly minimized them for the user so they can complete the checkout process as quickly as possible.

See for yourself by testing the solution for free. We will be happy to support you during the demo.



Payment modules

The following payment methods are supported by default.

  • PayPal

  • Credit cards via Payment Service Provider (PSP)

  • SEPA bank transfer

  • Direct debit (via Ponto)

Thanks to Odoo's open source architecture, new payment systems can be freely integrated as 3rd party or custom modules.

Additional optional payment methods are available:

  • Adyen 

  • Alipay

  • Ingenico

  • Buckaroo

  • Authorize.Net

  • and many more.

Shipping modules

The following shipping modules are available ex works.

  • DHL Standard & Express

  • UPS

  • Fedex, USPS

  • EasyPost, B-Post

Even more shipping modules like SwissPost, DPD and many other national and private postal services are available from third party providers. We will advise you according to your needs.

E-Shop Modules

Do you have an online store that already enables your e-commerce offering? Then integrating it into Odoo is easy with our store connectors.

We offer connectors for the following e-shops:

  • OXID

  • Shopware

  • WooCommerce

  • Prestashop

Thanks to its open source architecture, any e-shop can be connected to Odoo. Thus, the stores scale as frontends for your e-commerce, and Odoo can act as a robust and feature-rich backend.

Marketplace Modules

Have you positioned your products on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon? 

We specialize in the development of API-based connectors. Please let us know your requirements and we are confident we can provide a suitable solution.

Live Editor Mode

A user-friendly inline editor allows you to optimize the customer experience. You can edit, save and instantly publish texts on the page and drag and drop beautiful images to your store pages.

Sign up for a demo and try out all the features right away!

Shopify Integration

Implement Odoo as a back office system for Shopify stores

If you are a successful Shopify merchant, you need tools & technology to enable efficient business processes.

With our Odoo Shopify Connector, we help you integrate your existing Shopify store with Odoo and ensure live data transfer between the frontend (Shopify) and the backend (Odoo).

Learn more about using Odoo ERP as a backend to Shopify.

Migrate from Shopify to Odoo

Odoo offers the most merchant-friendly e-commerce technology for both mature online businesses and startups.

Simplify-ERP™ can help you efficiently migrate your Shopify stores to Odoo, design the front-end customer experience, and implement back-end processes.

You can explore our analysis, tools, and a Guided Demo on our website.

Migrate my Shopify store to Odoo