Odoo CRM Lead Management

Would you like your product to benefit as many people as possible?

Centralized lead capture

  • You were at a trade show and made some interesting contacts

  • Website visitors enter their contact details in web forms

  • Colleagues pass on interesting contacts of potential customers to you

  • Or you buy leads from professional data providers

As sales professionals, we've all been in these situations.

A centralized lead database guarantees that every known contact is quickly and easily logged into a single system and available from now on to initiate business conversations.

Marketing Integration

Your marketing efforts from an internal marketing team or external agencies or even from your website(s) generate a flow of potential leads. Odoo CRM enables the seamless integration of leads generated by marketing processes into the sales process.

In addition, sales automations can be set up to enable initial contact with leads by automatically sending initial information until someone from your team can contact them personally.

Fragmented contact data

Is your lead data fragmented between Excel spreadsheets, emails from Outlook contacts, business cards and post-IT notes?

Organize all your sales contacts in one integrated central database, accessible via web browser and on cell phones.