Lead generation

Generate a regular stream of inquiries from your website and automate follow-up.


Forms & Downloads

Easily create forms using the drag-and-drop form editor on your web pages and connect them to fields in your CRM.

When website visitors fill out the forms, new sales opportunities are instantly created in CRM. Your sales team can then follow up.

E-commerce, online inquiries

Offer your products and services in an integrated web store, even if the sales that can be generated online are not crucial.

You generate a customer contact and a proven purchase intention.

No new software installations are required to activate the web store. E-commerce is already fully integrated into the Odoo CMS.

Lead database

Did you know that Odoo CRM comes with an integrated lead database, so leads can be purchased for a small fee per lead?

You can filter by country, region, industry and company size.

Integrate this into your lead generation efforts and ensure that a sufficient number of sales prospects are contacted consistently.

Convert emails into leads

If you have a mailbox inbox set up to collect website forms, it can be routed directly into Odoo CRM in the backend.

The process is simple:

  • Website visitor submits a form online

  • The form is delivered to a mailbox.

  • Odoo CRM periodically reads the mailbox, retrieves the emails and converts them into leads.

The responsible sales representative can then follow up.