Forms & Downloads

Use forms to capture visitor contact information and offer downloads to website visitors.

Creating the forms

Creating forms is so easy that you can do it yourself on the fly. 

Drag and drop existing CRM database fields (such as first name, last name, phone number, email address, etc.) or create special fields suitable for your purpose.

CRM then automatically converts submitted forms into sales opportunities.

Mapping to database fields

Website forms can be associated with specific CMS & CRM database fields in Odoo backend.

In this way, your website becomes a portal for collecting customer/user data that can be used in your internal business processes.

Based on such customer interactions, new services can then be offered to customers and existing ones can be improved.

Email Integration

Want to pre-screen website forms? Then simply collect data from forms as a simple email.

Qualified emails can then be forwarded to Odoo CRM for follow-up in the sales process.


After submitting the form, users may be presented with a landing page where they can download an e-book, white paper, software, or similar electronic giveaway.

Want to validate the email address before providing the download? Then use simple backend automations to send a download link to the email address provided by the website visitor.

Example workflow

An example of integrating marketing and sales processes for a lead generated on the Internet.

Communication workflows can be set up with Odoo for professional B2B marketing.