Live Online Editor

The Odoo Online Editor allows the user to edit the source code of the Odoo from web browser itself.


New pages with drag & drop

Produce new pages using pre-made content blocks.

Drag and drop text, images, and videos to create beautiful and engaging web pages.

Graphics & image approach

Easily drag and drop images into your web pages.

Upload images from your desktop, import them via links, or access to include professional contextual imagery for free.

Video connection

Do you have video footage on YouTube or Vimeo that you would like to integrate on your website?

It's as easy as copying & pasting a link from the source!

Discover in the live demo

Publish immediately

New pages that have just been created can be published immediately.

If you want to withdraw a page from the Internet, unpublishing is just as easy.

Likewise, changes to individual pages can be published instantly!

Reuse content blocks

Certainly there are content blocks that can be reused, for example one that links to the contact page, or a newsletter subscription form.

Content blocks can be saved for reuse. Any changes made to the block are then automatically reflected in all instances where it is used.

Forms connection

The live editor allows for easy integration of web forms.

Forms can be connected to simple backend workflows, such as logging an opportunity or initiating an email validation to deliver a download.

Curious how this works? We'll show you in the live demo!