Odoo blog module for your website

71% of B2B buyers consume blog content during their buying process

Focus on content

With Website Builder's ingenious drag-and-drop tools, you can easily put together visually rich blog posts.

This way, you can spend most of your time creating valuable content for your customers.

Try blog functionalities of Odoo-CMS for free for 30 days!

Images and video

Add images and videos by uploading them or by adding simple links.

Unsplash.com and Undraw.co image services are integrated, including keyword search.

Videos can be added via YouTube and Vimeo links.

Customers appreciate news and updates

Strengthen your customer relationships, and keep your customers continuously informed about what's happening in your business.

Do you offer webinars, participate in events? Publish your experiences on your own blog and easily share them with your customers.

Full integration into the website

The big advantage of using Odoo CMS is the full integration into a single digital platform, both inside and outside the company.

Blog posts can be easily integrated into websites and provide maximum visibility.

Try blog functionalities of Odoo-CMS for 30 days for free!