As an odoo service provider, you have to install the software many times for demo, test, development or even a live system for a customer.

Simplify-ERP® provides to odoo service providers the SPYN software, which automatically installs basis odoo + a set of modules without any manual intervention.


SPYN is triggered by a simple HTML form submit. As soon as the request-handler on SPYN receives an installation request, it starts the installation process.

It is also possible to trigger a request using an HTTP link (with GET variables).

In order to filter spammers and unserious requests, the operator of the SPYN (ex. a programmer, project manager or a salesperson) must approve the request first.


Modules that have to be pulled from a GIT repo are specified in a special config file.


odoo configurations that have to be preloaded, ex. currency, language, date-format, numbers format, etc. are specified in a config file. This way you can instruct SPYN to preload your odoo instances with specific configuration.

Summary of Workflow

Following steps are followed by SPYN.

  1. User submits a simple HTML form requesting an installation

  2. An SPYN operator approves the request (or rejects, and the process stops).

  3. SPYN makes an installation within 5 minutes, pulling modules from GIT, as also loading specified configuration.

  4. The original request receives an email specifying the location (URL), username and password of the odoo instance.