Odoo Success Pack

Common questions

What do Success Packs contain?

The Success Packs contain a package of premium services from a dedicated consultant. During the implementation phase, you will be assigned a Simplify Odoo consultant who will analyze your requirements and configure your apps according to your requirements.

The consultant will also train you in the use of each Odoo app and teach you how to best use Odoo's features to grow your business.

Your consultant will also adapt all Odoo apps - provided you have chosen the “Custom Apps” - and include Odoo Studio in your subscription.

Based on the apps you selected on the pricing page, a recommended package will be selected that best fits the typical number of hours required to use Odoo successfully.

Our consultants will help you get started with Odoo and support you in using apps to grow your business.

What will the dedicated advisor do for customer success?

Before the implementation, our consultant will analyze how your company works and suggest the best use of Odoo.

We take care of the entire configuration and coach you in the use of Odoo.

This service is organized through scheduled meetings (by phone or online) in which our consultant will carry out a more in-depth analysis of your needs in order to determine what can be improved in accordance with the existing design patterns of the official Odoo apps.

What if I have custom requirements that require development and ad hoc integration?

For advanced requirements, such as B. individual development (writing code), we can provide you with a further purpose-optimized offer .

How do I know which package is right for me?

We recommend a Success Package based on the combination of users and apps you choose. Based on our experience with tens of implementations, we recommend a package with a size of enough hours if possible so that 80% of our customers can successfully deploy Odoo with just one package.

The most common reasons for purchasing an additional Success Package are (1) complex data imports (disorganized data or unusually large volumes), (2) additional complex customizations (which result in longer lead times), or (3) additional training for employees before an implementation is completed.

You can also choose to purchase an additional Success Pack after implementation, as you want your solution to evolve over time as your business grows.