Odoo Omnichannel - Multichannel eCommerce architecture

Omnichannel Catalog Manager (OKM)

Retail companies need flexibility in order to position their product range in a targeted manner in various sales channels and in certain customer segments. The purpose of the omnichannel catalog manager is to present your products in the various channels according to your placement strategy.

OKM exchanges data bidirectionally with sales platforms through seamless integration with the respective web services.

Omnichannel e-commerce architecture is based on enterprise open source

Omnichannel e-commerce has been developed at the core of our offering for retail companies.

We use Odoo as a central point of contact for the consolidation of business processes for administration, sales and maintenance of your online assortments, customers, incoming orders and customer communication.

Even if you already have an ERP or merchandise management system in operation, the omnichannel e-commerce solution based on Odoo takes care of the organization of your online sales.