Knowledge Portals for Customers, Partners and Employees

Take this as a rough specification for creating a Knowledge Portal for the key-stakeholders in your company.

You will need following modules in odoo Enterprise (v10 at the time of this writing).

  • Projects

  • Helpdesk

  • Website

  • Forum

  • Blog

The Website/CMS App in odoo serves as the publication platform for providing knowledge resources to these stakeholders.


Key stakeholders in your company are:




Types of Content

Textual documents





All Customers who have been provided access to Customer Portals can access content from their Project Tasks and Issues

If Helpdesk module is being utilized, conversations between your team and customer should be publishable in the Customer’s portal

Customers should be able to see videos that have been released for their viewing.

Since these videos can be expected to contain project-specific information, they must be restricted access to other customers/partners.

Only authorised employees should be able to view these videos.

Implement the easy parts first, and start giving value to your customers early.


Coming soon..


Coming soon..

Need help?

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Odoo Programmer?

If you are an odoo technician, help yourselves to this tutorial (and feel free to share it online)!

Activate customer portals in odoo