Digitized shipping with the FedEx delivery module


International online retailers often have to use FedEx to ship their products. Online retailers using Odoo now have an easy way to ship their products through the FedEx delivery module.

Simplify-ERP® developed the FedEx delivery module, which is integrated into the Commerce Core - sales module. It is shown in the selection of the shipping method when creating sales orders next to the  Swiss Post delivery module and the Deutsche Post delivery module.


The FedEx delivery module is integrated into the customer order generation process. After the delivery method has been selected and confirmed, in this case, FedEx, a label is generated for the customer order. The package is defined in a new window in Odoo in which the FedEx package and product weight is or will be defined.

After this step, the sales order data for FedEx is transferred to a web service:

  • Name of the online trading company

  • Price on account

  • List of products in the sales order

  • Country of production.


After the sales order data has been transmitted via the API, FedEx will return a product label containing a barcode and all the necessary sales data. The label is customized according to the customer's product and packaging process.

Do you want to digitize your shipping and logistics process with our FedEx delivery module? Don't hesitate to contact us. Or sign up for a free demo to try Commerce Core®.