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[00:00:01:02] Hi guys. Nik here from SimplifyERP. In this video, I will show you how you can export web pages from one database, Web site or Odoo instance that you own to another. The process is pretty much simple so let's get started. Okay, so on this screen I made the Odoo dashboard basically the backend of our website, so here I'm just gonna start typing pages and see the first one, Web site slash config slash pages, open that one. So now that we're here obviously all of our Web site data is over here, which means we have to apply a filter to group all of these pages by a Web site Because we are running multiple, In fact over 10 Web sites on our database, so applying a filter will define all of our Web sites and everything will be better organized. So let's go over to group by, you should have here a web site, or if you don't go to add a custom group and choose a Web site. Apply that, so you can see now everything is better organized. I'm going to search for the page we're working on for this video. I'm going to show you that one. So it's this one, Marketing automation link checking, before that I'm going to show you how looks like, this is a page that we have, so here it is the video you have to disable the custom grouping when you're exporting pages.

[00:01:25:22] That's also important. So you select the page that you want to export, click action, and then go to export. This is the most important part, you can see on the left side, there are many many fields which are in fact I believe so there are over 500 fields, and that will take a long time for example if we wanted to export a page and select all of them. What we found out we made it, so you can export only the needed keys, only the needed fields for a page to function properly within the design and all the data on it. So you choose the template, you can make a template over here, but first, we need to choose the fields that are on the left side and transform them on the right side, before we make a template. So you have to select the ones that have saved in this template. Use this small search field by typing your name, key, view type, sequence, and so on. You need to select all of these, double click them, by the way, double click it. It will transform the right side. So choose this, you choose this once and then you go to a new template and you save, give it a name and then click on the save, they will be saved.

[00:02:40:29] Let me do that for you actually, exporting pages so, you click on this save icon and there we go.

[00:02:53:21] So I'll just use this one for now. So you export the page, you choose the template, you click export. We have exported the page as you can see I download it. So I'm going to in fact delete this page right now by going into action, delete, make sure you export the page before you delete it. I'm going to refresh this page and as you can see page Is not found. So now to import the page you go to Favorites, click import records, load the file, that you just downloaded and you can disable this page so it doesn't get imported because that's how it functions actually. That's how the importing field works. So you click that does not import, keep everything as it is. Click test. There we go. We have this. Everything seems valid. I'm gonna import the page now. Okay. The pages are now imported. Okay. So we're gonna go on the front end of our page actually, go to all the sites that we're managing. I am gonna search for a link, there it is, link tracking so I'm gonna give it the link over here. I'm actually gonna give it the same link over here. You have to give the web pages link after you import them, that it is.

[00:04:25:17] So let's visit the page and there it is, the pages successfully imported, works right, we publish it and there we go.

[00:04:37:21] So that's about it. This is basically the process of exporting and importing pages making backups or other actions based on your needs. Make sure to check out our websites at and

Also, check out our pages on social media under Simplify-ERP including LinkedIn Facebook Twitter, and Instagram. Thank you all for watching. See you next time!