Document management with odoo and SOLR

Yes, searching for and finding the information that is just needed is part of everyday tasks in our professional and private lives.

With its enterprise open source approach, odoo offers companies a flexible, future-proof and cost-efficient software platform (ERP) for the design of efficient business processes.

Document management with odoo

Providing the ERP user with the documents they need immediately is essential to ensure the highest possible work efficiency. Here, odoo is supported by HyperSearch® , an Apache / SOLR- based search technology.

odoo DMS builds a memory loaded index of the entire Postgresql database. These are shown in the ERP dashboard using keywords. The search results are then segmented for each odoo app / module.

Application scenario

If the ERP user searches for the name of a business partner, he will find all invoices that have ever been issued to the partner, all offers to him, all projects related to him, customer support tickets, all orders that he has ever made, etc.

The documents are then loaded from odoo's own data memory.

We would be happy to advise you on document management with odoo .