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    CommerceCore™ Pricing Explained

    Installation fee
    €1520, onetime.
    Waived for 100-for-100.
    Monthly Software Subscription.
    Hosting included.
    €110 per month, €1320 per year. Waived for 100-for-100.
    Monthly User Subscription €28 per user per month, €140 per user per year.
    700€ for 5 Users per year.
    Reduced to 100€ for 5 Users for 100-for-100.
    Pay normal rates apply from 2nd year.
    Total saving in 1st year. €3440, only till 10.09.22


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    No additional fees

    Your instance will be ready within 2 working days. 
    The only cost for the first year is €100.

    Full Support

    You can reach out to us by email for full support.