Integrated Process Calendar

To enable a most possible coordinated scheduling of company resources, people as well as machines & materials, CommerceCore™ provides a calendar that is capable of bi-directional communication between individual process modules and the calendar.

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The multitude of business processes in your company need coordination on a unified calendar. For example, when a sale is made by the sales team, the delivery-date must be visible on the company calendar, such that the customer can be kept informed on the one hand, and the warehouse staff is prepared at the same time to ensure timely delivery.

Calendar Hooks

CommerceCore™ allows bi-directional calendar-hooks between modules and the Odoo Calendar.

If an event is scheduled on the Calendar, it is reflected as a process Document on a specific module. If an event is scheduled in a process Module, it is visible on the Calendar.

Integrate Workers

The CommerceCore™ Calendar allows to associate specific employees to specific calendar events.

Let’s take for example Marty the Mechanic who is responsible for repairing motorbikes in a bikers’ workshop.

Workers’ Schedules

Workers’ availability and leaves can be saved in the Odoo Employees module. Various processes that require the worker to participate then take into consideration only the available times of the worker.

The worker’s annual vacations are taken in to account, so are her sick-days, paid casual leaves and unpaid leaves.

Daily/Weekly Working Schedule

If Marty the Mechanic works only Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, in the afternoon between 14:30 and 17:30, the CommerceCore™ Calendar allows only those times to be scheduled for him.

It will block all processes from reserving Marty’s time outside of these 3 days, each day 3 hours between the specified times.

Sick leaves

If Marty unexpectedly calls in ill for a day or two, she can be blocked out for those days, and no process can assign activities to her in that time.

In addition the Calendar allows easy drag & drop rescheduling of her activities to when she is available again the workshop, or alternatively the activities can be assigned to a co-worker.

Employee Vacations

Vacation periods of August and December are always a challenge, and at times chaotic, so much so, that customers feel it. Thankfully the CommerceCore™ Calendar allows for proactive consideration of planned vacations of all employees.

Unpaid Leaves

Ad hoc leaves can likewise be scheduled on the employee’s calendar, and these times are blocked out from being utilised as an available resource.

Comparison with Odoo Online Appointments

CommerceCore™ Calendar module is available for Enterprise and Community editions. Odoo Online Appointments only for Enterprise.

CommerceCore™ Calendar provides hooks to connect with any odoo module, hence allowing scheduling of any business process activities. odoo Online Appointments only to the Meetings module.

CommerceCore™ Calendar module takes the workers’ availability, including vacations and sick-leaves into consideration, before allowing her to be scheduled. Odoo Online Appointments is far from handling employee availability.