Why Using Tags is the best way to segment customers in Odoo
Customer segmentation is of high value, and it helps create a personalized strategy to make the customers feel like you know them. It can also help you as a merchant to determine which customers need further nourishing. 

To improve the segmentation, you can compare customers' buying habits, including their order frequency, average order value, and the number of discounts and bonus points they use; with this information in hand, you can create the tags accordingly.

Segmenting customers based on these attributes can help you create groups of customers with similar qualities to understand them in more detail and address their needs and behaviours.

Tip: In this way, you can immediately determine the cost of maintaining relationships with these customers, so you can better allocate resources and time.
The tagging function in Odoo helps to create this type of segmentation. For convenience, you can set different tags according to the goal that you want to reach.

After you've exported the customers from Shopify with the connector's help, the next thing you have to do is go to the Contacts module. As mentioned in the previous article, your contacts are already assigned to the sales channel from which they came.

While you're in the Contacts module, you can switch to list view, tick the Tag box so the tags can be shown, and edit the tags from the bulk editor. You can also open the contact that you wish to assign a tag to and edit it. 
After you've successfully tagged the customers, now you can filter them for more comfortable managing.

Choose Add Custom Filter, click Tags and choose from the list of options. After you've chosen your wished tag, also including if the contacts contain the tag or not, you're going to be presented with a list of the segmented contacts.

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Why Using Tags is the best way to segment customers in Odoo
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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